COVID-19 Activity update for the week of 5/9- 5/15 :

As most of you are aware, Governor Ducey has not extended the Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order. We will begin to see retail, recreation, restaurants and service industries all reopen. I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining the CDC recommendations; 6 feet of distance, masks while in public, careful not to touch your face, wash wash wash your hands. The experts are all anticipating a spike in COVID cases with the reopening of the State, so please continue to protect yourself and those around you. We’re going to get through this by continuing to look out for each other.

We had a responsible member of the Park Aldea team report this positive test result this week. His immediate team has been tested for COVID as well and additional sanitization measures are in place at the site, as well as pre-shift temperature testing until the 14-day exposure period has expired.

  • As an organization, we have had 6 reported and confirmed positive cases of COVID-19

Corporate/Main Office Update:

Although the Governor has lifted the executive order, we will not be re-opening the main office until Monday 6/1. Phase 1 of our re-open process will has maximum capacity at 50%, (40 bodies) in the office at one time. At this time we will begin to accept visitors and meetings in the main office. Each department will be allocated a daily body limit. If all goes well with phase 1, we plan to begin Phase 2 at 75% (60 bodies), with an anticipation of phase 3, 100% capacity beginning August 15th. There have been a few people working from the office throughout the pandemic, those that wish to do so, may, but we will not be requiring anyone to return at this time. Please see direct supervisor for more information and clarification, as it pertains to your specific department.

Face coverings:

You should be receiving Haydon face shields by mid-week next week, please keep an eye out for those! We will maintain face shields in the field and all Haydon office locations until further notice and/or recommendations by the CDC and governmental agencies. We appreciate your patience and continued adherence to these standards.

Testing Information:

With our state showing a huge commitment to reliable and readily available testing, please click here to find the closest testing site: COVID-19 Testing Info Link

*Click this link if you’re interested in testing for the Coronavirus antibodies: COVID-19 Antibody Testing Info Link

When to see/speak with HR Director, Shelby Saifi,, 602.574.8093

  • You are sick
  • You feel that you have been exposed to the virus
  • You are presenting symptoms of the virus
  • You feel self-quarantine is necessary
  • Someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19
  • You have traveled in the last 14 days, international or domestic
  • You have been sick/quarantined/travelling and would like to return to work
  • You will be required to be screened for fever prior to being released to work (administered by a member of the Safety Team at the Corporate Office)
  • You will need to speak directly to Shelby to arrange for your release to work
  • You will be required to sign an affidavit of health, upon your return, for your protection, and that of your co-workers
  • You have questions about COVID-19 or any other HR-related matter

Reminder: Shelby is the only one authorized at Haydon to provide clarification and answer questions. 

Supervisors: please continue to advise your teams to reach out to Shelby. She is not able to speak with anyone other than the employee.


Katie Haydon Perry, MBA

Executive Vice President