Unfortunately Maricopa County, is seeing a “substantial spread” of COVID19 with a reported 129 positive cases per 100,000 individuals. In addition, as a county we are seeing a 6.9% positivity rate, which is significantly higher than the 4% positivity reported last month. The spike continues to rise, meaning that it is still important to take preventative measures to reduce the spread even during the holidays.

With Thanksgiving approaching, the CDC has released an article detailing how we can have a safe holiday, read here. Suggestions include, gathering outdoors, bringing your own food and utensils, and remaining 6ft socially distanced while traveling. We have a lot to be grateful for this year, let’s remember to be diligent and keep each other safe this holiday season.

COVID19 Activity update for the week of 11/6-11/13:

We have had 3 positive COVID cases in total this week. As an organization, we have had 27 reported and confirmed positive cases of COVID19.

Main Office Re-Entry Plan:

Our office will remain at 50% capacity until the beginning of 2021, after which we will reassess our re-entry plan.

Additional Information

Other Testing Information:

Face Coverings Policy:

Please click here to see revised mask policy

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Katie Haydon Perry

Executive Vice President