TXDOT Forney Parkway Bridge

This project, located in Kaufmann County, TX, was the first phase of a local development that included a partnership with TXDOT, the City of Forney and the Hunt Corporation. The scope of work included construction of the Forney Parkway Bridge − a nine-span bridge that will cross over the US 80 Highway and Union Pacific Rail Road on the east side of Forney, TX. In addition, four approach bridges were constructed adjacent to the Forney Parkway Bridge, allowing frontage road traffic to enter and exit the bridge in both east and west directions. Also included in the construction were 150 drilled shafts and pier columns, 22 pier and abutment bridge caps, 3,700 aggregate pier columns, storm drain systems, 18 MSE retaining walls, bridge deck panels, bridge paving, and decorative finishes that solidify this project as the gateway to a 2,200 square acre mass development.

Professional photography courtesy of DTX Media

Aerial images courtesy of Aerial Photography, Inc.

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