Today all Haydon job sites will be participating in a Safety Stand Down at the end of shift. Being that all projects have different end of shift times, the timing will be decided at the project level.

While we understand we are still navigating unprecedented in our lifetimes with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting everybody worldwide, we still have jobs to do safely and families to take care of. Remember the safety lessons we learn from work are applicable at home as well.

Over the past three weeks we have noticed a significant increase in near misses, incidents, and property damage which has prompted the need for a company-wide Safety Stand Down. It is important to point out these incidents have not been isolated to Haydon personnel, but spread across Haydon, our industry partners and in some cases the traveling public.

Statistics indicate that at the end of 3-month cycles, incidents tend to increase and a major contributor of this is complacency and not paying attention to the details. As the saying goes, “Plan the work, work the plan”. A well thought out plan will catch the majority of potential issues, but does not excuse the need for personal safety responsibility with ourselves or pointing out potential issues to our coworkers or industry partners.

It cannot be stressed enough that some of these incidents were fortunately only a near miss and no serious injuries or fatalities occurred. We must hit the reset button and get ourselves back to being more engaged even with the small details.