Cavasson Onsite Infrastructure & Crossroads East Drainage Improvements: This joint project between the Cavasson Developer (Nationwide Realty and Grayhawk Development) and City of Scottsdale includes major drainage infrastructure improvements including concrete lined channel, flood walls, energy dissipators, 300,000 CY of basin mass earthwork export, dual 60” storm drain pipes, and jack and bore casings for sewer, water, and communications under Hayden Road for the 134-acre master development located at Hayden and Loop 101. Location: Scottsdale, AZ | Owner: Nationwide Realty Investors, Grayhawk Development & City of Scottsdale | Designer: Michael Baker International & Wood, Patel & Associates 

Goodyear Ballpark Infrastructure: This project includes all of the mass site grading, infrastructure, and site improvements for the new Cleveland Indians’ Spring Training Stadium Facility. Features include extensive hardscape and landscape, shade structures, pedestrian walkways and ramps, signage and monumentation, water features, and large sculptural elements. Location: Goodyear, AZ | Owner: City of Goodyear 

Continuum Business Park Infrastructure: Work for this 58-acre phase includes new sewer, reclaimed water, domestic water, new roadway construction, storm drain, streetlights, mass earthwork, lake excavation, and all dry utilities including SRP power, AT&T fiber, CenturyLink, and Southwest Gas lines. The project also includes a roundabout, concrete work and paving, and landscaping in support of future technology companies leasing space. Location: Chandler, AZ | Owner: CCI-B Chandler II, LLC | Designer: Hubbard Engineering 

Aspera at Joy Infrastructure: This project includes 76 acres of infrastructure for a new commercial development, which also includes two 15 ft deep lakes: the 1.1-acre West Lake and 1.01-acre East Lake. This project also involves grading, spine road with utilities, parking lots, landscaping, and offsite improvements along Beardsley Road and 75th Avenue. Location: Phoenix, AZ | Owner: CDG Joy I, LLC | Designer: David Evans and Associates, Inc 

Copper Sky Regional Park Offsite ImprovementsThis new 110-acre park includes new roadway construction and improvements to the existing ADOT SR347 with over 15,000 tons of new asphalt, a concrete box culvert, drainage weir structure and 4,300 SY of concrete channel lining. Onsite project scope includes underground utilities, 400,000 CY of earthwork/mass excavation, 9,000 LF of water main installation, 3,200 LF of sewer main installation, 2,000 LF of storm drain, 35,000 LF of curb installation, and 400,000 SF of concrete flatwork. Location: Maricopa, AZ | Owner: City of Maricopa | Designer: J2 Engineering and Environmental Design 

Tempe Center for Performing Arts Building Pad: The 3-acre project includes the major site remediation, earthwork, large diameter pressure pipe installation, and building pad construction for the Tempe Center for the Arts project. The site remediation and earthwork portion involve 125,000 cubic yards of mass excavation, including the stripping of 50,000 cubic yards of suitable top soil, 87,000 cubic yards of excavation salvage, screening to re-use stockpiled materials, export of existing unsuitable land-fill materials, and 38,000 cubic yards of import to achieve the finished pad elevation.  Location: Tempe, AZ Owner: City of Tempe