When Mike Norburg was a child, he wanted to be an Apache Helicopter pilot, but it didn’t take long for his family’s involvement in the construction industry to launch him into a career of over twenty-seven years. Residential building has always been near and dear to Mike’s heart. His uncle’s involvement in residential construction and a love of building structures, prompted Mike to start his own framing venture. After the economic downturn, Mike closed the business and returned to working for general contractors, gaining valuable experience as a general superintendent for A.R. Mays Construction. Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit and heart for developing people led him to Haydon to serve as a Senior Project Superintendent.

Mike’s marriage to his wife, along with his two children are what inspire him to help, mentor, and train his team. His passion for teaching and developing people comes from his wife, Wendy, who has been a teacher for over 21 years in the Gilbert School District. “It is such a joy to mentor other superintendents. They bring great insight to the table. Equipping them with different tools they can use to do their job well is fulfilling for me.”

With an extensive career spanning over two decades, Mike commented on the culture at Haydon, “It’s difficult for me to sum up the culture in one word, so I have four: teamwork, collaboration, caring, and family-oriented. All of these characteristics have been evident since the first day I walked through the door.” Mike also remarked on how Haydon’s dedication to its onboarding process does not go unnoticed, “I am continually amazed by the training and team development we do here. To find a company who cares this much about developing its internal team as it does its projects is a rarity.”

In Mike’s own words a good business leader has, “Care for their employees, compassion, vision, and provides opportunities for mentorship among teams; all of which has been evident through Haydon’s leadership and their care for employees through programs, benefits, continued education, and just great employee events.”

Mike is an Arizona native and has seen how residential and commercial building are closely intertwined. “In a time of economic distress, residential is the first thing to slow down. After spending years of analyzing trends and understanding the ebb and flow of the local economy, I am always searching for cues to share with my colleagues and team.” Growing up in the East Valley, Mike saw the land go from cotton fields to housing developments, and he had a hand in building much of it.

After processes and operations procedures have been formed, Mike will have the opportunity to teach, mentor, and develop his team. With the combined experience of Mike Norburg and Bryan Bernardo in Haydon’s multi-family department, the two will continue to grow the multi-family market sector at Haydon.