Matt Holopirek


Growing up in western Kansas, Matt and his family would take vacations to Kansas City every summer. As they crossed the Missouri River, he would enjoy seeing the skyscrapers and bridges along the way which in turn sparked his interest in design and the construction industry. “It always made me wonder, how are those structures built?” Feeding this interest, Matt went on to study structural engineering at Kansas State University where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2003. After college, Matt began working for an engineering design firm focused on roadways and bridges but found himself stuck behind a desk when he really wanted to be out in the field. He then moved to Arizona and began working for a large multi-national firm that specialized in the wastewater sector. This is where his expertise and love for water and wastewater design and construction emerged.   


During his first few weeks on that job in Phoenix, his Group Leader said, “If you can build a treatment plant, you can build anything.” Matt originally laughed at this, but after seeing it first-hand he understood what that meant. A key moment in his early years was when a superintendent mentored Matt and showed him the ins-and-outs of all the mechanical aspects when building a large treatment plant project. This mentorship directly led to him gaining years of knowledgand contributed to his success as one of the most skilled mechanical estimators.   


Taking the initiative as those around him did when he was coming into the industry, Matt brings the same positive outlook to Haydon as he begins growing its water/wastewater team. Matt’s drive for building relationships sets him up for success: “It’s important to understand what the other person’s needs are, whether it is a client or your team member — communicate and connect with them to produce a good relationship.”   

Matt attributes a large part of his expertise to his leadership style. He makes it a priority to be an active listener and gather ideas and opinions from his teammates. “They see first-hand what can be done better and have great solutions.”  Letting your team solve their own problems produces better field engineers, project engineers, superintendents, and project managers which is the key to success.  


Matt is enthusiastic for the future of his team at Haydon. “My goal is to build upon our solid foundation of experience that will produce and solidify relationships across the valley. This starts with leveraging our team members’ wealth of experience to build Haydon’s existing resume to become the go-to contractor for building these projects. With the water market in the valley projected to grow 10-15% each year for the next 10 years, now is the time.