We wanted to reiterate the importance of cleaning procedures with all frequently touched surfaces. With that, we also wanted to provide some examples of what could be commonly overlooked frequently touched surfaces.

• Door Handles, steering wheels, armrests, trailers door latches, locks, gate locks, control

levers/buttons, etc…. Small Tools

• All small hand tools ranging from concrete tools, circular saws, to generator handles. We have a multitude of touched surfaces that get overlooked.

Company and Personal Vehicles
• Door handles, steering wheel, gear shifter, etc….

Office and Other Facilities

  • Light switches, doorknobs, push door surfaces, refrigerator handle, coffee maker/dispenser,drawer pulls, sink knobs/faucets, toilet handles, countertops, break room tables,
  • toilet paper dispenser, handicapped handrails, stair railings, touch screen faces, cell phones,office phones, printers/copy machines, microwaves, etc….

    Mainly we wanted to get everybody thinking about all areas that will be frequently touched by our employees and make a point to keep these surfaces clean.
    We have already dispersed the chlorinating liquid to help with the cleaning needs of the projects but will leave it up to the projects to obtain the proper amount of spray bottles to clean effectively.
    At a minimum, each Foreman and Superintendent should have spray bottles of cleaner in their vehicles and trailers.

    Again, with the Chlorinating Liquid, we only need 2.5 Tablespoons per gallon of water.

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