“Mission critical is all in the details because it’s important to our clients and our clients are important to us.” – Kayla Remington


When Kayla Remington was in college, she wanted to pursue a degree in teaching. Little did she know, that working as a receptionist and then a purchasing agent at GSL Electric would instill a passion for her future in construction. Her determination and resilience was born when she spent the 4th of July pulling wires through light pole bases in Yuma, AZ in 120 degree weather, just to make sure she met their project schedule. Kayla went on to pursue a degree in Construction Management at ASU. From there, she carried her grit with her as she gained valuable experience working for a variety of construction companies and serving in a multitude of different roles. Her vast experience, before Haydon, working as a project engineer, project manager, project accountant, and later specializing in mission critical has built a wealth of skills that she brings to the Haydon team.


Kayla remarked, “At Haydon, we always do what we need to do to get the project done, without forgetting about our work-family by looking out for one another and having each other’s backs.”  With a culture centered around support and growth, Kayla has noticed, “If there is a problem, we all come together to trouble-shoot it, without wasting time or playing the blame game, this is essential in mission critical.”


One of the best pieces of advice Kayla has ever received is, “What happens to the fish when it opens its mouth? It gets caught.” This piece of wisdom is meaningful to Kayla because she knows that in order to be an efficient problem-solver, she must hear all the facts before coming up with a solution. Her view on leadership is explained very simply, “… not letting your emotions get involved, so you can make good decisions. It’s easy for people to get emotionally attached to topics, making them unable to come to an agreeable decision. Asking questions and sticking with what is factual is what makes someone a good leader.”


Kayla serves as Haydon’s Mission Critical Project Director. Her years of experience working specifically with mission critical, along with her leadership abilities make her the right person for this position. From a young age, she has always been fascinated by how people grow and learn. “Working and getting to know different groups and teams, helps me see that everyone manages their work differently. I enjoy getting to know how they work and help them achieve success.”


With a passionate and detail-oriented mission critical team at the ready, Kayla says, “We’re excited and motivated to take on the market. We haven’t forgotten our passion or dedication to quality and we still care about how to do it the right way, making sure everyone is successful.” With mission critical becoming a focus for many companies in the Phoenix Valley, the motivation behind the work done is increasingly more important. While people easily let the stress and pressure of making sure a data center stays connected one hundred percent of the time, Kayla’s calm and unwavering character makes her the right person to manage these projects. “There’s a lot to lose, but everything to gain if you’re able to execute solutions effectively and quickly.”