Joe McGhee

Meet Joe McGhee, our Job Order Contract Director. Joe is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He got started in the construction industry after the completion of his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in Heavy Civil that he obtained from the Del. E. Webb School of Construction. Joe has extensive knowledge in JOC, ranging in Project Engineering to his current role as Director.

Joe joined our team in 2017 as our Project Director for the Job Order Contract Division. He works closely with his team to help develop their professional and personal goals. Joe promotes growth on his projects while maintaining his priority of providing quality service to each project.

Joe’s commitment to integrity starts even before the project is secured; he considers one of his biggest responsibilities is to coordinate with the teams prior to a project being secured. Joe says, “Quality work is work worth standing behind.” Communication in its various forms is crucial to the development of a project and a team. Joe believes, “Integrity, it’s about what you’re doing when no one is looking that is most important.”

You can find Joe spending time with his wife and daughters, exploring Arizona, and enjoying as many water sports as he can during his time off.

Highlighted Projects:

  • ASU Finne Lab
  • ASU Neon Bui Repository
  • Acharya Lab