Matt Gilliland

“We look forward to the day we can put COVID-19 behind us; but for the time being, we couldn’t ask for a stronger team to continue providing essential services. Staying positive as a company has been vital in our ability to keep operations moving safely and efficiently.”- Matt Gilliland

Matt Gilliland has spent much of his life building. At the age of thirteen, Matt learned finish carpentry and when he was seventeen, he built a home from the ground-up with his father and grandfather. His grandfather’s lumber company lent itself well to his father’s home-building business, in which Matt gained experience in his early years on construction sites. Matt went on to attend Oklahoma State University, where he received a degree in construction management.

Joining Haydon in 2013 as a project superintendent, Matt led projects in Texas and filled Haydon’s needs for various management roles over the years. In 2018, he moved to Haydon’s Phoenix location, where he took on the safety manager role in late 2019. Little did Matt know when he accepted the position, that a few months later he would be leading and adapting safety efforts to meet an evolving construction environment in the midst of COVID-19.

Matt remarks on some of the biggest challenges Haydon and other firms have faced this spring. “It’s no secret that supplies were gone almost immediately: cleaning supplies, hand soap, nitrile gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer, all of which became difficult to receive our normal shipments of.” With the leadership of Matt and Haydon’s executive team, Haydon has adapted quickly, remained positive, and acted in a resourceful manner to make sure everyone has what they need to perform essential work safely.

“Our team continues to work diligently to make the best decisions with the information on hand; this means filtering through opinion-driven news to focus on the facts and use them to keep our team and industry partners safe.” With the summer heat fast approaching and workers putting on extra layers of protection to stay safe from the virus, Matt remains alert to the physical well-being and morale of his teams in the field.

Throughout every obstacle, Matt believes there is something to be learned and a positive outlook to be shared. Matt remarked, “Since field meetings moved to operating virtually, I am now able to be even more connected to my teams and support them out in the field.” Even the way in which Haydon performs construction has been modified, “We have engineered our work to maintain six feet of social distancing, while staggering mechanics on jobsites, to be scheduled after the field operations have finished for the day which limits exposure to one another.”

Although this time has been difficult for so many, Haydon believes that there is much to be thankful for. Matt said, “The support from Haydon to take decisive actions in order to mitigate the virus has been phenomenal. Thank you to our industry partners for openly sharing their decisions, suppliers, and their struggles. I’m so proud of our field personnel in their ability to run with the changes.”