We’re pleased to announce Grant Larson has joined Haydon Building Corp as Preconstruction Director for its Heavy Civil Division. Grant joins Haydon with 22 years of experience in heavy civil and roadway construction. His family emigrated from Sweden to America, traveling with only a hand cart all the way to Utah, and eventually settled in Arizona. As a fifth-generation Arizonan and a sixth-generation highway builder, Grant’s family has helped build Arizona’s infrastructure since the 1800s. Grant studied at Brigham Young University, where he also met his wife, and graduated with a B.S. in Construction and a B.A. in History. Having the opportunity to rebuild some of the same highways and roads his ancestors built is something that brings Grant a sense of pride.

Grant began his career in construction at the age of 16 as a carpenter, learning how to build bridges on the SR202/SR101 mile-long bridge. Subsequent summers were spent as a grade checker, asphalt laborer, and equipment operator. After college, Grant worked his way up from Project Engineer, to Project Manager, and eventually Vice President of Business Development. During that time, Grant earned his M.S. in Construction from Arizona State University. It was then that he had the choice to take a field construction course or a construction marketing course; he chose the marketing course. This is where he was able to learn the world of construction marketing and help develop a new marketing and proposal program for his company, ultimately leading to their first CMAR win. Throughout his career, he has always looked for ways to push his company, and himself, forward in the industry.

Even before joining Haydon, Grant always admired the company from afar, saying “Haydon has a great reputation in the industry. It’s been interesting to watch Haydon grow and expand. I always wondered, what makes these people so successful?” After meeting with Haydon and learning about its plans to grow the company, Grant saw a unique opportunity to become a part of our future. “I believed in Haydon’s vision for the future and truly believe in what they are doing.”

Executive Vice President Katie Haydon Perry adds, “Grant is truly an amazing person. The first moment I met him, I knew he was someone we needed on our team. His positive attitude, humility, and drive is what makes him a great addition to the Haydon family.”

“Grant’s eagerness to get involved, set goals for growth, and develop a team is a crucial addition to our Heavy Civil Division.” adds Matt Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer. “His strong set of values and ability to provide the best preconstruction practices coupled with sophisticated management techniques will really add value for Haydon’s clients.”