What Happens If There Is A Positive on My Job Site?

With the current pandemic, many employees, trade partners, and owners of the project are asking themselves, “what happens if there is a positive on my job site?” Haydon is committed to a safe working environment for all and is currently the only General Contractor certified through the HealthyVerify program. Because of this, all of our prevention protocols have been reviewed by a group of medical physicians. When Haydon learns of a positive on a job site, here is the process that is followed:

  • A meeting is held with the project team, HR, and Safety team to determine the last day on-site and perform any necessary contact tracing
  • Then a notification meeting is held on the job site with all present explaining that there has been a positive case and then recommendations of testing for those in close contact
  • A designated representative of the project team contacts the owner to notify them and the Haydon HR team follows up with a formal letter to all trade partners onsite for the last 14 days
  • Those that were not in close contact can remain working fully masked at all times while monitoring symptoms

For any questions relating to this, please contact HR at hr@haydonbc.com or 1-833-HAYDON1.