February 19th, Update

Main Office Re-Entry Plan:

We are pleased to announce that as of Monday 2/22/21, our office will be operating at a 75% capacity as a result of having 2 consistent weeks of 10% positivity rate as a state in accordance with our re-entry plan. Please see your direct supervisor with any questions!

The Haydon Office Re-Entry Committee has determined that the next milestone that needs to be achieved before increasing our capacity limit at the office:

  1. 5% Positivity Rate- Once Arizona’s positivity rate is below 5% for at least two weeks the office will reopen to full capacity

Vaccine Update:

We are still in “Phase 1B” of vaccine distribution. Due to the demand of the vaccine, all current “points of dispensing” (otherwise known as POD’s) within the state are booked until the end of February. However, Maricopa County has suggested that there may be other vaccination options opening up in the near future.

Haydon employees qualify as “Essential Workers” however, our prioritization group has not been approved yet for distribution. As a result of the limited supply of vaccines, the state is still working to administer the vaccine to higher priority populations at this time. We will share more information as it becomes available.

Other Testing Information:

Face Covering Policy:

Please click here to see the revised mask policy

Questions? Click here to contact our HR team!


Katie Haydon Perry

Executive Vice President