I have had many questions as it pertains to the Executive Order issued by Governor Ducey this afternoon. I want to clarify that Haydon is intending to continue our operations, business as usual. As per the Governor’s Executive Order issued 3/23/2020, construction is listed as an “Essential Service”, meaning that we are all able to continue working, with our jobsites functional and all our people performing work, with a paycheck each Friday.

I have included the most recent communication from the ABA President, Dan Puente and AZ AGC President, David Martin, reaffirming our intention, both have links to the Governor’s Executive Orders.

Please continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations on distancing, cleanliness, hygiene and most importantly continue to watch out for each other.

We are in this together, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Katie Haydon Perry
Executive Vice President