Concrete Paving

As part of its self-performing capabilities, Haydon provides concrete paving services for a variety of public and private clients. By self-performing this work, Haydon is able to better manage cost, schedule, and quality, and ultimately add value for our clients.

Haydon employs multiple paving crews who offer the capability to perform concrete paving, slip concrete barrier, and curb/gutter, and maintains the following paving equipment:

• Gomaco Commander III Concrete Paver for smaller pours up to 20’ wide
• Gomaco 2800 Concrete Paving Machine capable of paving up to 40’ wide
• Gomaco 2600 Concrete Spreader
• Gomaco 9500 Trimmer Placer
• Allan Engineering 3 Tube Roller Screed
• Vince Hagan 850 Haganator Portable Concrete Batch Plant with 200 CY per hour capability

Haydon’s concrete paving abilities allow us to:

• Produce concrete less expensively than if we purchased it from a third party supplier.
• Provide better quality concrete to our customers since we will be providing our own quality control and the concrete will be put in place within minutes of being mixed.
• Provide quicker, more reliable delivery of concrete to our projects since we will not be subject to the schedule of a third party supplier.
• Utilize our batch plant’s functionality to dump into mixer trucks for use on other non-paving concrete applications.

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