Meet Chris Curtsinger, our General Superintendent for the Building Division. Chris was born and raised in Elizabeth Town, Kentucky. His entry into construction began as a carpenter in college. A few years later, he decided to transfer his efforts to join the Air Force. This launched his quest to learn valuable teamwork skills and how to develop people. Before working for Haydon, Chris worked for a developer in Houston for several years. His father, who worked as a superintendent, once told him, “… the key to success is work ethic and loyalty – carry both of those things with you wherever you go, and you will be successful.” Chris has carried these characteristics with him, making him a valuable leader on our team.

Chris joined Haydon in 2013 and transitioned from the Assistant Superintendent role, to project superintendent and then into the General Superintendent role for the building division. Chris’ 8 years in the Air Force was instrumental in building his foundational thoughts about leadership. He spent years working with teams to build and test jet engines. His technical ability and leadership abilities continue to impact his projects in a crucial way. Seven years later, Chris still spends much of his time mentoring his team and making sure they are equipped with what they need to achieve success. Not only is preconstruction, planning jobs, expanding knowledge base and mitigating risk essential to project success, but client relationships have taken even more precedence in projects. Chris’ intentional interaction with clients, anticipation of their needs, collaboration with teams, and ability to resolve issues on-the-fly, allow him to ensure repeat clients and project satisfaction.

Chris is honored to be a member of the Arizona Builders Alliance and welcomes all opportunities to learn as well as network with his peers.

When Chris is not building projects and mentoring his team, you can find him jamming out on his bass guitar and hanging out with his family. He spent many years making music with his band and even released an album. He is also a dedicated father to his daughter, Rayne, and enjoys sharing his love of creativity with her as well.

Highlighted Projects:

  • Park Aldea
  • Banner Ironwood
  • Nexcore
  • Northern Arizona University Aquatic Center