Building Services

The core of our commercial construction business is to construct buildings and to provide great service with exceptional value. In doing that, Haydon draws upon its people, tools and technology. In the end though, it is most important for us to deliver a great product. All else aside, if the building isn’t well constructed and well finished, little else will matter. For that reason, Haydon focuses on delivering that excellent end product. Our strategy for delivering excellent workmanship begins with a great set of plans. We focus our efforts in the pre-construction stages to assure that detailing and coordination is such that a great product can be delivered. It continues in the planning for the project and the sequence of the work. The work must be constructed in a way that promotes quality craftsmanship and assures that quality is not impacted by subsequent trades. Also key is the selection of the tradesmen that are utilized for the work. The best subcontractors produce exceptional work. Finally, top notch supervision and dedication to quality construction is crucial. The attitude that Haydon’s production and management team brings to every project is the driving force behind the delivery of great projects.

Building with Tools and Technology
Construction hasn’t changed much in the last 1,000 years or so, but the tools we use in our business have. Haydon employs the latest technology, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) and our unique GPS driven AGTEK software to accurately plan and guide our construction projects.

Building Sustainability
Focusing on sustainability in the buildings we construct and the way we build them is central to our business. Whether we are building according to LEED guidelines or recycling the construction waste on all of our projects, Haydon focuses on lessening the impact that our industry has on the environment.

Building Safely
Safety of our workers and the public is of primary importance. Haydon’s award winning approach demonstrates that our commitment to safety is not just a company slogan.

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