“People build buildings, not companies. At Haydon, we’re building a team that already has experience and is ready to go. Our diversity to self-perform brings us to places that our competitors aren’t.”

Bryan Bernardo grew up in Central Florida, where he was raised by two generations of builders. His mom’s father was involved in commercial construction, while his dad’s father was a mason. “I’ve been on job-sites from a very young age, even my father was in residential construction, so it’s no secret that it just runs in our blood.” Construction would be the vehicle by which Bryan would later go on to work from college intern to Vice President at the Weitz Company and Vice President at Kitchell.

Spending the past twenty-two years focusing on his family and raising his two sons, Bryan has been heavily engaged in supporting them through athletics and coaching their football and baseball teams. As the nest becomes empty, he remarks on his passion for travel and scuba diving. “My wife and I have always loved to travel, scuba dive and broaden our palates by searching for the best local food wherever we go. Some of our favorite places to visit are Hawaii and the Caribbean.” When Bryan was just thirteen years old, his family took a vacation to Hawaii, where Bryan spent a week working through diving classes to receive his certification, which he still maintains today.
Bryan comes from a long line of people who persevere. His role model is his mom’s father, who was an orphan and at fourteen years old left England, hopped on a boat and came to America. After surviving tuberculosis, he created a family for himself and entered into construction where he migrated between Michigan and Canada and left a lasting legacy of grit and hard work for future generations.

When describing the culture at Haydon, Bryan remarked, “Everyone seems to be pulling in the same direction and wanting to do their best. We have weekly huddles and company meetings where there is a lot of open-sharing, helping everyone stay connected and learn from one another.”
The best advice Bryan has ever received was, “Don’t put off doing tomorrow, what you can do today.” Bryan’s eagerness to get involved, set goals for growth and develop a team to achieve them is crucial for developing a new market sector. His strong set of values vowing to, “Do what is right, not what is easy,” motivates him each day at Haydon.

Bryan is involved in business development, process improvement and developing a team committed to building the multi-family sector of the business. In addition to his role at Haydon, Bryan serves as chair for the Lean Construction Institute Community of Practice and chair on the national practice team, guiding 31 communities’ practices across the country.

Building lasting projects that fill a need for the community has always proved paramount for Bryan. “Senior living and multi-family have been part of my work throughout my entire career.” Bryan alongside Mike Norburg, Senior Project Superintendent for the Building Division, are leading Haydon’s entry into the multi-family market sector. “It’s exciting times at Haydon, everyone has a renewed energy; being able to help diversify us and make Haydon a stronger company is a thrilling opportunity for me.”