April 9th, Update

6% Positivity Rate
Diagnostic Test Rate

The Arizona Department of Health Services has a total percent positive COVID-19 diagnostics test rate of 6% for the week of 4/4/21.

40% Vaccinated:

According to the County of Maricopa, approximately 40% of the population has been administered at least the first dose of the COVID vaccine within the last week. The County of Maricopa continues to share news of new vaccination events in the area, click here to learn more.

Vaccination Info:

  • Pfizer is only available at the State PODs, is 2 doses, and can be administered to age 16 and up.
  • Moderna is available at the Mesa POD, and any other County POD, is 2 doses, and can be administered to ages 18 and up.
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) is only currently available for essential workers*, is 1 dose, and can be administered to ages 18 and up.

Tips for registering for the vaccine:

  • Use Chrome or Safari
  • Log in to register at 7pm prior to desired date of vaccination for more availability
  • Use a unique email for every person registering

Click here to register for the COVID Vaccine!


Katie Haydon Perry

Executive Vice President