Approach to Safety

At Haydon Building Corp, no phase of operation or administration is of greater importance than safety and accident prevention. In all of its operations, Haydon Building Corp is guided by an established accident-prevention plan which is based upon our sincere desire to eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses, eliminate damage to equipment and property, and protect the general public. Although we pride ourselves on our outstanding production rates, safety is never sacrificed for production. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our extremely low Incident Rate (IR) and Experience Modification Rate (E-MOD).

Haydon’s award winning safety program is led by Corporate Safety Director, James Harbor. James’ sole responsibility is to ensure that, at every level of our organization, we are maintaining our unwavering commitment to safety.

“Haydon Building Corp will establish and maintain – throughout the entire organization – the firm belief that people are our most important assets, and protecting our employees has management’s highest priority, support, and participation.”

Gary Haydon – President

In order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, Haydon employs a Safety Program entitled “Safety Matters,” which clearly defines the duties and responsibilities of all employees. Haydon’s excellent safety statistics are proof of the success of our program.

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