Andy Flecky, Chief Estimator for the Heavy Civil Division, was born in Indiana but was raised in various places. As the youngest member of a military family, Andy grew up in San Antonio, Las Vegas, Germany, and then finally in Arizona, where his family stayed for his fathers last assignment. After high school, Andy attended Arizona State University and graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Business.

After graduation, Andy found that there were very few jobs in business the time but was able to find a job through a family member who worked for a heavy highway contractor. Andy started as a field engineer, and there he began to learn about the construction industry. After a couple of years in the field, there was a need in the estimating department to help with take-off, so Andy jumped on board and found that he enjoyed putting a bid together and exploring the options of how to make a job successful. He worked as an Estimator for 10 years and then as Senior Estimator for a few more years, before coming to Haydon Building Corp as Chief Estimator in 2017.

As Chief Estimator, Andy provides the oversight of all bids and proposals that are submitted by the Estimating Department. He is responsible for making sure that potential projects fit the needs of the company, are supported by the necessary estimating resources, and that costs are identified accurately. One of Andy’s favorite part of his job is closing out a bid and working with the team to put the final touches on a bid in those final hours.

“What makes a good leader is someone who works both towards the goals of the company and the goals of each member of their team,” Andy says. Andy is optimistic with the future of Haydon and its potential growth. In describing the culture at Haydon, Andy used the word “family”. Like a family, “everyone has a common goal, and everyone wants the company to be successful,”. Everyone working towards that same vision is what puts Haydon in a great position to expand into new markets in the coming years.

Andy is also involved with associations such as American Society of Professional Estimators, Young Constructors Forum for Associated of General Contractors.

When Andy is not working rigorously with his team putting together bids, you can find him off roading in his jeep, traveling with his family, or at his in-law’s vineyard in Southern Arizona.

Highlighted Projects:

  • Hance Park
  • CMAR jobs: Glendale, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Buckeye