Doug Kreschollek

Meet Doug, Healthcare Market Sector Leader for Haydon. Doug was born in Huntington, Long Island, NY near an old whaling town named Cold Spring Harbor. For all you Billy Joel fans, Cold Spring Harbor was actually the title of his first album and for you history fans, you can still visit the whaling museum in the town. Doug attended the SUNY at Stony Brook and completed his degree in mechanical engineering. While attending college he worked at a company that manufactured laboratory testing equipment.

After graduating, Doug moved to Arizona to work for Garrett Turbine Engine as a facility engineer and was tasked with supporting their manufacturing processes. He worked on a variety of projects including low-altitude test chambers, environmental salt spray chambers, bearing spin test pits, plating and etching lines, and his favorite project, the infamous chicken launcher. Yes, that is correct. The company had to test the impact of birds induced into the turbine engines during operation. Rumor has it that that is where chicken nuggets came from, but no one knows for sure.

After Garrett, he worked for a design engineering firm where he was tasked with turning dirty manufacturing space into clean rooms. It was here that he began spending more time in the field reviewing existing equipment and layouts and working with contractors to ensure new designs were constructable. This is when Doug began to feel the draw toward the construction aspect along with design (design-build).

Doug then took a position at a design-build firm that specialized in building micro-electronics facilities throughout the west. One of the largest projects he worked on had over 1,300 tradesmen onsite per day at its peak. It was here that Doug had the opportunity to move to mainland China to work on a new project; though it was a culture shock, he still appreciated the experience.

When he eventually returned to the States, he worked on a wide variety of high-profile, complex projects including the Mall of America, a device assembly facility in Mercury, Nevada (yes by Area 51), a BSL-3ag biocontainment facility, and a biopharmaceutical facility that produced an injectable rheumatoid arthritis drug.

Doug has been involved in numerous healthcare projects in Arizona including major hospital expansions that included construction of a new emergency department, doubling the size of an existing central plant, construction of a new main entrance, as well as a new six-story patient tower, to name a few. He has also worked on various projects for providers such as Banner Health, HonorHealth and Dignity Health.

When Doug is not engaging with the people at Haydon, you can find him traveling and spending quality time with his family.